Access without subscription (flexible access) 24.75 RON/day of usage
Subscription based access for 1 user:    
6 months 742.50 RON
12 months 1188.00 RON
extra-users 272.25 RON/extra-user
BursaTransport Credits
1 CRB = 8.25 RON
Access costs: unlimited number of postings/consultings of trucks, loads, contracts, access to all pages of BursaTransport
Flexible access, per day and user 3 24.75
Subscription based access, 1 user:
6 months (6M) 90 742.50
12 months (12M) 144 1188.00
extra-user on subscription 33 272.25
Optional services:
Spotlighted announcement 2 16.50
Small ad 2 16.50
Contractual safety services:
Payment incident claim 12 99.00
Legal advice (RO or H) 14 115.50
Why BursaTransport as a supplementary freight exchange?    
  • because you will be part of a transport companies directory of more than 15.000 ACTUAL entries
  • for international transport with Romania and Balkans area: the loads and trucks are ACTUAL
  • because in Romania all the authorities have online databases: TRANSPARENCY AND SAFETY
  • 85% of our customer’s transport payment claims are solved in 8 days


Telephone number:



Diesel price

BursaTransport statistics

47.708 available loads
2.604 available trucks
52.535 loads in the last 24 hours
1.758 trucks in the last 24 hours
224 online users
21.673 active users
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ATTENTION, you can be the target of a PHISHING attack

DO NOT take the message in consideration. Especially, DO NOT USE THE LINK in the message where you are asked for user and password. It is a phishing attack.


DO NOT provide USER and PASSWORD !!! We already asked  for blocking the entity that initiated the attack and hosts the source of the attack.


If you have already provided user and password it is MANDATORY to change them in: MANAGE COMPANY DATA, click on your name and then MODIFY USER DATA.



BursaTransport Administration

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