Access without subscription (flexible access) 24.75 RON/day of usage
Subscription based access for 1 user:    
6 months 742.50 RON
12 months 1188.00 RON
extra-users 272.25 RON/extra-user
BursaTransport Credits
1 CRB = 8.25 RON
Access costs: unlimited number of postings/consultings of trucks, loads, contracts, access to all pages of BursaTransport
Flexible access, per day and user 3 24.75
Subscription based access, 1 user:
6 months (6M) 90 742.50
12 months (12M) 144 1188.00
extra-user on subscription 33 272.25
Optional services:
Spotlighted announcement 2 16.50
Small ad 2 16.50
Contractual safety services:
Payment incident claim 12 99.00
Legal advice (RO or H) 14 115.50
Why BursaTransport as a supplementary freight exchange?    
  • because you will be part of a transport companies directory of more than 15.000 ACTUAL entries
  • for international transport with Romania and Balkans area: the loads and trucks are ACTUAL
  • because in Romania all the authorities have online databases: TRANSPARENCY AND SAFETY
  • 85% of our customer’s transport payment claims are solved in 8 days


Telephone number:



Diesel price

BursaTransport statistics

47.708 available loads
2.604 available trucks
52.535 loads in the last 24 hours
1.758 trucks in the last 24 hours
224 online users
21.673 active users
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COMPANY CHECK module - NEW!!!!

BursaTransport available services


The old INCIDENTS module is transforming into CHECK COMPANIES, with new services, other than payment and transport incidents. These services are meant to offer you a better knowledge of your partners, based on figures, not on rumors and opinions. The new services are company reports and BursaTransport scoring.




These are risk reports from ICAP Romania (see www.icap.ro). ICAP is one of the few institutions agreed by European Union for risk reports. Reports are based on financial information published by companies and legal data of them. You can buy company reports from BursaTransport at a guaranteed good price compared to the market.


Through BursaTransport you can ask reports from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia. Depending on the audience of this service, we can extend the list of the countries. For companies from other countries you can ask directly to our supplier, ICAP.


Company reports are supplied as PDF files with a clear specification that it is not allowed to make them public and they are only for the use of company who ordered them.


You have 2 types of reports at your disposal.


BASIC Report. It is an online report with immediate delivery which gives a brief view of the company. BASIC report can be supplied only about Romanian companies, members or not of BursaTransport. The cost of a BASIC report is 5 CRB.


COMPLETE Report. It is a standard  report with a 3 working days delivery time, delivered by email.  It gives a detailed view of the company. The cost of this report is 70 CRB for reports about Romanian companies and 100 CRB for reports about companies from Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.


Company reports are usual documents in business. Due to the BursaTransport - ICAP partnership, we managed to offer you the best prices on the market for these information.





It is an new instrument implemented in our application. It is intended to offer a first-view evaluation of BursaTransport members, based only on their history registered on BursaTransport. Scoring is not based on general financial information of the companies. Scoring is visible in companies profiles above the COMPANY STATISTICS box and it is intended to supplement the already familiar information.


The scoring is an assembly of 5 indicators shown graphic gradually between zero stars (minimum) and 4 stars (maximum). If it cannot be calculated, instead of the stars it is written NOT APPLICABLE:


Activity on BursaTransport:


as a forwarder

as a carrier


(Behavior) In contracts:


as customer

as supplier


Rate of BursaTransport Administration


Indicators are calculated as a daily average of different actions. This type of calculation ensures a similar calculation for old companies and for new companies on BursaTransport. Indicators for activity and behavior in contracts have, if applicable, a trend of the indicator calculated for the last 3 months.


The meanings of scoring indicators:


Activity as a forwarder: depends on the number of the loads and load contracts posted, depends on the truck and truck contracts views. The indicator has, if applicable, a trend that can be constant, ascending or descending.


Activity as a carrier:  depends on the number of trucks and truck contracts posted, depends on the load and load contracts views. The indicator has, if applicable, a trend that can be constant, ascending or descending.


Contractual behavior as customer: (the one that gives the load for transport): depends on the number of overdue days reported and the total number of loads published. This indicator has a trend displayed. If the company DOES NOT HAVE a forwarder activity, then this indicator is not calculated and it is displayed NOT APPLICABLE.


Contractual behavior as supplier: (the one that carries the load): depends on the number of transport incidents and published trucks. This indicator has a trend displayed. If the company DOES NOT HAVE a forwarder activity, then this indicator is not calculated and it is displayed NOT APPLICABLE.


Rate of BursaTransport Administration: depends on the total number of pageviews from all companies users, on the licence numbers, description of the truck fleet, on the visibility of the company through the communication of reasonable information in users profiles (spoken languages, position, phones and faxes in the office, etc.), on when they were registered to BursaTransport and on how old the company is.


NEW elements that influence the scoring and don’t influence the STATISTICS:


  1. 1. days overdue: calculated based on payments incidents reported, not only published; has influence on the indicator “Contractual behavior as customer”
  2. 2. trucks and loads views, not only postings; has influence on the indicator “Activity as a forwarder” and “Activity as a carrier”
  3. 3. publishing the licence numbers in company profile, contact information of the company, contact information of users, complete description of the company, in a few words: addressability through company profile - in “Rate of BursaTransport Administration”


The scoring is calculated and displayed for all companies found in member list except the companies with less than one week BursaTransport membership, those with withdrawn membership and those with suspended right of posting loads / trucks.


ATTENTION, how do we use the COMPANY CHECK module:


  1. 1. The scoring is not a general characterization of the company, but only evaluates the way its activity is reflected in BursaTransport history, so it is a limited significance rate, without value for the ones not using BursaTransport.
  2. 2. The scoring can be evaluated AS A WHOLE and together with company statistics. Do not evaluate only that someone has 2 or 4 stars at “Behavior as customer”, also look at his forwarder activity, and below, at the number of published loads.
  3. 3. Do not use the scoring as a substitute to COMPANY REPORTS. For a better evaluation of your future partner, start with SCORING, continue with BASIC report, and if the contract amount is bigger, ask for a COMPLETE  report.
  4. 4. If you want details about payment incidents, payment delays or transport incidents, please check the incidents lists. In these pages you will find only detailed information, assembled in SCORING and in COMPANY STATISTICS.


Our targeted objective is to ensure a safer marketplace on BursaTransport. We undertake the task of keeping away and eliminate risk factors, but you will never be protected only through our actions because you also have to take appropriate measures yourselves.


Good luck !



BursaTransport Administration

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