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Why BursaTransport as a supplementary freight exchange?    
  • because you will be part of a transport companies directory of more than 15.000 ACTUAL entries
  • for international transport with Romania and Balkans area: the loads and trucks are ACTUAL
  • because in Romania all the authorities have online databases: TRANSPARENCY AND SAFETY
  • 85% of our customer’s transport payment claims are solved in 8 days


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BursaTransport statistics

25.314 available loads
1.736 available trucks
677 loads in the last 24 hours
253 trucks in the last 24 hours
73 online users
21.552 active users
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In France, all vehicles must be equipped with alcohol tests.

Starting 1st of July 2012, in France is mandatory to carry alcohol test in vehicles.  The French road code (Code de la route) stipulates, according to the French NF Decision (NFX 20-704), that on French territory, starting 1st of July 2012, it is MANDATORY to carry alcohol tests in vehicles. The regulation applies for both French citizens and foreign visitors, meaning that alcohol tests must exist in each vehicle, rented car, truck, bus, etc.


Disposable alcohol tests must be marked with “NF” sign and they can be bought from stores and gas stations. The products which are not marked with the prescribed certification will not be accepted.


The expiration date printed on the tests cannot be exceeded at the moment of the control. If an unused alcohol test is not carried in the vehicle, starting 1st of November 2012 this incident will be sanctioned with a fine.


BursaTransport Administration, by courtesy of Mr. Lucian Vlad, Fresh Food Logistic Srl

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